With electric bikes growing in popularity, there’s never been a wider range to choose from. But which e-bike is best for you? Our experts have put together their tips and advice to help you make an informed decision and cycle away with the right electric bike for your own needs.

What Type Of Electric Bike Do You Need?

There are several types of e-bike on the market, with each style having its own unique features and benefits. The first step to deciding which electric bike is suitable for you is to determine which style will serve you best. Common types of electric bike include:

  • Electric mountain bikes – These bikes are built for off-road adventures and can handle rough terrain with ease. They have wider tyres, a sturdy frame, and suspension to absorb shocks. Great examples include Haibike’s electric mountain bikes, such as the Haibike Allmtn 7 and the Haibike ALLTRACK 6.
  • Electric road bikes – If you’re looking for speed and efficiency, road e-bikes are a great way to go. These are designed for paved roads and have narrow tyres and a lightweight frame.
  • Electric hybrid bikes – Hybrid e-bikes offer a comfortable middle-ground between mountain bikes and road bikes. They’re excellent for both riding to work and for light off-road use. The Haibike Trekking 5 is a solid example of an all-rounder than can do everything.
  • Electric folding bikes – If storage and portability is an issue, folding e-bikes offer a great solution. They’re compact and can be stored in small spaces, making them ideal if you live in a flat or similar.

Range And Battery Capacity

By range, we mean how far your electric bike can travel on a single charge. This is another key point to consider as the last thing you want is an e-bike that runs out of battery midway through your ride.

When it comes to choosing an electric bike, think about how far you’ll be cycling and choose a bike with a range that meets your needs. A larger battery will provide a longer range but, in some instances, can potentially add a little extra weight.

Capable of lengthy trail rides, the Haibike Nduro 6 is a good option for an electric mountain bike with a strong range.

Frame Size

Another important consideration is the frame size of an electric bike. Choose a frame size that fits your body and allows you to reach the pedals. Most e-bikes should come with a choice of frame size, while some also have different options for the top tube of the frame.

For example, the Haibike TREKKING 4 comes in a choice of high and low models, allowing you to make a choice based on your preference.


Lastly, you should think about your budget. While e-bikes tend to be a little pricier than non-electric bikes, there’s still a large variety of models available to fit most budgets.

Haibike electric bikes begin around £2,499 for the Haibike Alltrack 4 and increase for their more-specialist range of electric mountain bikes.

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