At a time when sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, commuting to work has undergone a shift. The Cycle scheme is a government initiative that promotes healthier and greener commuting. It has gained considerable traction due to these efforts. In Bournemouth and Poole, the scheme is available at Primera Sports, the leading cycling specialist! But how does it work and what are the benefis? We’re answering these questions, so you can find out if its right for you.

How Does CycleScheme Work?

The Cycle to Work Scheme is an employee benefit which allows you to get your hands on a brand new bicycle and accessories through a salary sacrifice arrangement. By partnering with companies such as Primera Sports, participants in the scheme gain access to a wide array of premium bicycles, gear, and expert advice.

The process is simple. Employees select the desired cycling equipment, and the cost is then deducted from their salary over a fixed period. This is usually between 12 or 18 months. The beauty of this arrangement is that the payments are completed before tax and National Insurance contributions. This means the participant is then able to receive significant savings.

How Can I Save With The Scheme?

Primera Sports offer a range of bike’s for various preferences and commuting needs. From sleek road bikes to cutting-edge electric bikes, you have the opportunity to choose a bike that aligns with your lifestyle and needs.

However, the savings extend beyond the initial cost of the bicycle. With the salary sacrifice arrangement, you benefit from reduced income tax and National Insurance contributions. This financial advantage can equate to a saving of up to 42% on the cost of the chosen cycling package.

Primera Sports Bournemouth & Poole offer exclusive discounts and promotions for Cycle Scheme participants. This not only enhances the financial appeal of the scheme but also encourages individuals to embrace a more sustainable way of commuting.

Do I Have to Ride To Work Everyday?

One common misconception surrounding the Cycle Scheme is the need to ride to work everyday. The flexibility of the scheme allows you to use your bicycle for a variety of purposes. Which include casual rides, fitness activities, and weekend adventures.

Cycling enthusiasts can explore stunning coastlines, navigate scenic trails, or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a two-wheeled journey. The scheme empowers people to integrate cycling into their daily lives beyond the confines of the daily commute.

By providing access to high-quality cycling equipment and facilitating substantial financial savings, Primera Bournemouth and Poole emerge as the go-to for the offer. Not least, because of the wealth of knowledge and experience of our in-store cycling experts, who are more than happy to give advice ensuring you find the perfect bike to suit your needs.  Embrace the revolution, pedal towards a healthier lifestyle and unlock the benefits of the Cycle To Work scheme with Primera Sports.

So, why wait? Embrace the future of sustainable commuting to work with the CycleScheme. Visit us today online in-store, or call us on 01202 775588 and explore our impressive selection of bicycles and accessories and take the first step towards a new commute.

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