Electric bikes have been steadily gaining popularity in the UK over the past couple of years. As the types of e-bikes available to choose from are constantly growing, picking the right option may be a little challenging.

If you are considering to invest in an e-bike, but not sure which one to pick, then this brief guide to electric bikes is for you.

What is an electric bicycle?

E-bikes can do practically everything a normal bike can do, plus more, offering an entirely new riding experience. Electric bikes come equipped with an electric motor which gets activated once you start pedalling, giving you an extra boost with pedal assistance. You can set various degrees of assistance depending on your needs. If you would like to learn more about e-bikes read our blog on how electric bikes work.

Why should you choose an e-bike?

The electric bike comes with many fantastic benefits. Apart from allowing you to travel faster, further, and longer, e-bikes can also improve your fitness and overall health. Contrary to the popular belief, e-biking is not cheating. Several studies show that an electric bike can be just as beneficial in improving fitness as a regular bike.

In addition to that, electric bicycles are a perfect option for people that can no longer enjoy a ride on a standard bike due to injury, illness, or age. Rather than giving up on cycling entirely, an e-bike may allow you to keep cycling despite your condition.

E-bikes also offer a fantastic way to beat the traffic and save your time and money on the expensive and stressful commute, and finally, they are fun to ride!

Types of electric bikes

When it comes to choosing an e-bike, there are many different options available to choose from. The main factors you will want to consider are similar to any other bike; What terrain are you planning to ride on? Do you need a bike for city commute only, or are you planning on taking your fun off-road?

Here is a short overview of the various types of e-bikes that we have available in our bike shop in Bournemouth or Poole, to give you a general idea:

Electric Mountain Bikes

Cycle further and take on higher peaks with an electric mountain bike. Electric MTBs are perfect for more challenging terrains and are a lot of fun to ride on the downhill trails. The addition of an electric motor will allow you to tackle harder trails faster and with less effort.

At Primera Sport, we offer a great selection of electric mountain bikes. Choose from hardtail or full suspension options from leading brands including CUBE, HaiBike, and Specialized.

Electric Hybrid Bikes

Electric hybrid bikes are some of the most versatile electric bicycles on the market. Also known as trekking electric bikes, these e-bikes are loved by commuters and are a perfect option if you’re looking to cycle both on and off-road. Electric hybrid bikes are probably one of the most popular  options out there as they are great for a variety of uses, whether you’re planning to commute or ride for fun.

Electric Road Bikes

Efficient, fast, and easy to handle electric road bikes offer the comfort of a pedal-assisted motor combined with the aerodynamics of a normal road bike. Electric road bikes tend to be lighter than hybrid and mountain electric bikes and are a fantastic choice for long-distance travel with half as much effort. Our selection of electric road bikes included some of the best models from top brands such as Cannondale, CUBE, Merida, and more.

Folding Electric Bikes

A fast, powerful and compact, folding electric bike is a perfect e-bike option if you are worried about not having enough storage space for your bike. Perfect for the commute to work and travel, a folding electric bike can be easily stored away or brought along in a car or train.

Shop for the best electric bikes in Dorset at Primera Sports

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