If you’re looking for high-end electric performance combined with the thrill of adventure on two wheels, look no further than Haibike. As a leading e-bike manufacturer, Haibike has been steadily revolutionising the cycling industry for the last few years. In celebration of Destination Haibike, our new Haibike e-bike store in Bournemouth, we’re delving into the brand’s history and exploring a few of the standout models.

The History Of Haibike

Haibike’s journey began in 1995, originally developing a range of sporty mountain bikes for their parent company, Winora. Over the next 15 years, they continued to develop new models that progressively became more and more advanced. Then, in 2010, they released the Haibike eQ XDURO. And just like that, everything changed.

With no manufacturer having previously managed to produce a truly off-road e-bike, the Haibike eQ XDURO is heralded as one of the earliest forefathers in the electric mountain bike scene. From there, Haibike continued to grow their reputation as a pioneer in the e-bike market. For many years they have been at the forefront of e-bike technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, and design.

Explore the Haibike E-Bike Range

These days, Haibike’s range of e-bikes is as extensive as it is impressive. Below, we’ve listed a few of the standout models we stock at Destination Haibike: the number one stop for electric bikes in Bournemouth and Poole.

  • Haibike AllMtn – The Haibike AllMtn series is perfect for thrill-seekers who crave off-road adventures. With robust components and full suspension, the AllMtn handles rough trails with ease, providing an exhilarating experience for every electric mountain bike enthusiast.
  • Haibike Nduro – Designed for the most challenging and aggressive rides, the Haibike Nduro series boasts advanced features including powerful motors and long-lasting batteries. It’s the go-to electric mountain bike for riders who want to conquer the steepest inclines and the most demanding trials.
  • Haibike Trekking – If you’re an urban commuter or a long-distance explorer, the Haibike Trekking series is tailored to you. Combining comfort and efficiency, these electric road bikes offer a smooth and enjoyable ride, making your daily commute a breeze.
  • Haibike Lyke – The Haibike Lyke series is aimed at riders who enjoy speed just as much as they enjoy jumping and flicking off trails. With the lightweight agility of a non-electric mountain bike, the Lyke is for those seeking pure fun.
  • Haibike AllTrack – As the name suggests, the Haibike AllTrack series is engineered to handle all terrains with ease. These versatile e-bikes are ideal for riders who seek both on-road and off-road adventures.
Primera Destination Haibike ebike store

Destination Haibike

Are you interested in viewing these exciting electric bikes in Poole and Bournemouth? Come down to our newly opened store: Destination Haibike!

Freshly arrived in June 2023, we stock all the latest electric mountain bikes including the Allmtn 7Alltrack 6Nduro 8Trekking 5, and many more. If you’re unsure which model is best for you, our expert team will be more than happy to talk you through the range and find the most suitable model to match your needs.

If you’d like to discuss any of the Haibike e-bike range, why not get in touch? We stock leading electric bikes in Dorset, as well as a wide range of non-electric acoustic bikes. Call us on 01202 775588 or browse our full range of electric bikes online. Don’t forget, we offer 0% finance options and also allow you to spread the cost with Cyclescheme. Explore our bikes today!