So you’ve made that New Year’s resolution to get more exercise into your life, but feel like you have no time for the gym class? You’re not alone. As we live in a fast-paced world, many of us struggle to find that perfect balance between our work lives and spending time with our families, not to mention trying to fit some sports into our weekly routine. At Primera Sports, we came up with one possible solution to this problem – start cycling!

Apart from being a rewarding and fun way to stay fit and become more active, cycling comes with a ton of fantastic benefits, but most importantly, you can do it with your whole family. Read on to find out about some of the incredible benefits that cycling can have for you and your children’s health, your family bond, and your life overall.

Health Benefits For The Whole Family

Cycling is one of the most beneficial sports when it comes to keeping you in a good health. Not only will it help you stay fit and burn some calories, but it can also help you and the rest of your family keep away the illnesses like obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Cycling is also great for your heart, and if done regularly, it can help make you and your children stronger and help build endurance.

In addition to being highly beneficial for one’s health, cycling is also a low-impact exercise that is easy on your knees when compared to many other physical activities, so make sure to bring the whole family along, even the grandparents.

Saves Your Money

Another fantastic benefit of cycling is that is a great way to save your family some money. Firstly, it can be used as a form of transport, allowing you to save some money when you decide to ride to some destination rather than going by car or public transport.

In addition, choosing cycling as your main form of exercise will allow you to save some money on expensive gym subscriptions. While investing in a new bike for everyone in the family might be costly at first, it is sure to pay off once you start reaping all of the fantastic benefits that this wonderful sport provides.

If you buy your bikes with us, you can benefit from 0% finance options, free UK delivery right to your door, as well as a free bike fitting service to ensure that every member of your family has a right fitting bike before you take off on your first journey.

Emotional Wellness And Mental Health

There are a ton of reasons why you should consider cycling with your family, but one of the greatest benefits of riding a bike is that it can help improve your and your family’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Cycling is known to increase happiness hormones, improve your mood and relieve stress. Now, who wouldn’t want to make themselves and their children feel better and happier?

Some studies have also been linking cycling to better cognitive health. Not only will cycling regularly help create a better and stress-free life for you and your kids, but it can also aid healthy physical and emotional development in your children.

Family Bonding

Rather than spending yet another afternoon around the TV, it can be far more fun as well beneficial for the whole family to take bicycles and go for a ride around the neighborhood. Apart from being a great healthy workout for you and your children, cycling together will allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones outdoors, where you can explore, talk, laugh, and make some great new memories.

Improve Your Life With Cycling With Primera Sports

To be able to enjoy all of these fantastic benefits of cycling with the whole family, you might need to invest in some good bikes. At our Primera Sports bike shops in Dorset, you can find bikes for each member of your family. We stock a great selection of bikes for men and women, as well as some of the best children’s bikes from top brands like Specialized and Squish bikes.

If you’re not sure what bike to choose or have any other questions, feel free to contact our team of experts on 01202 775588 or 01202 749674 or visit our Primera Sports bike shop in Poole or Bournemouth today.