‘Do I have to pedal an electric bike?’ is one question we get asked every day.

Yes you do! All of our electric bikes are ‘pedal assist’ so as soon as you start peddling and the assistance starts, it’s like having a helping hand. You can set degrees of assistance with a lever positioned on the handlebars and most have a small screen letting you know your speed and distance.

What are the benefits of still having to pedal electric bikes?

One thing we love about e-bikes is the fact you still get exercise from each trip; heathy body, healthy mind, without the struggle of getting up that tough climb! Riders say they are completing longer rides than before and are actually looking for hilly routes. Riders are getting fitter and healthier, and because they love the e-bike experience so much they are using their e-bikes more often and leaving the car at home, so saving money on fuel and eliminating the frustration of traffic jams. You have a choice of settings on all of our electric bikes, offering different degrees of assistance, which you can choose at the flick of a switch.

With having to pedal electric bikes, being able to tune them is imperative. No one does this better than Specialized. With their Mission Control App you are able to customise the ride directly to your preference. You have the ability to control levels of assistance, motor current levels and even how fast your bike will accelerate, offering you the ultimate control and versatility. The smart functions of the Specialized turbo range of electric bikes doesn’t just end there! You can also set how much battery you want left at the end of your ride or set how far you want to ride, and the battery will conserve power – making sure you don’t end up with an e-bike with no power left! This makes every ride a fuss free and relaxing experience.

A couple of our favourite Specialized electric bikes

We love the Specialized range of electric bikes, ranging from the all-mountain monster that is the Kenevo e-bike with its 180mm of travel and all mountain capabilities, down to the Turbo Vado offering you the ultimate in city simplicity. We stock the full range of Specialized electric bikes in our bikes shops in Dorset, or explore Specialized Turbo electric bikes online. Control your ride on these with the Mission Control App.


E-bikes that offer the best of both worlds

Some electric bikes offer less drag when the motor is switched off such as the Bosch Active motor system. You can remove the assistance and use them as a normal bike. Commute to work in the morning with no assistance and get your workout in and then after a hard day at the office turn the assistance on and cruise home. The Cube touring range of electric bikes offers a truly utilitarian range of bikes and when the assistance is removed the motor offers little to no drag. The bikes use the Bosch Active drive unit that can boast a huge range of up to 80 miles!

Explore the full range of Cube Touring hybrid bikes in-store and online. These are very popular with customers and Cube are seen as e-bike leaders in the leisure world.

What’s the top speed of e-bikes?

Another area that we get asked a lot of questions on is how fast can e-bikes go? They are all limited to 25k/h (16mph). This is to comply with current laws and keep all users safe.

In summary, you do need to pedal electric bikes. They give you assistance when you are pedalling up a hill along the flat and everywhere in between but you will have to be pedalling to get the assistance. Some bikes offer more assistance, such as the Brose motors in the Specialized turbo range and the Bosch CX motors found in the Cube and Cannondale electric bikes.

At Primera Sports we offer a fully tailored service to get you and your electric bike matched up to perfection. We have expert staff on hand who can answer all the questions you may have. The service continues after the bike leaves with free updates on software and premium service by our fully trained mechanics.

We are the leading electric bike specialist on the South Coast. In our range you will find all of the best electric bike brands, which you can explore in our bike shops in Dorset. We ride them ourselves and take pedal assistance very seriously.

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