Cannondale SuperSix EVO has always been a very popular bike for us at Primera Sports. It is our go-to lightweight option with comfort to boot! And the latest Cannondale road bike model has not lost any of the characteristics that make it so popular. Here is our review of the latest integrated aero road bike from Cannondale.

Frame Componentry

Firstly, we will look at the frame and the changes Cannondale have made for this model. It’s safe to say, the Supersix EVO has had a complete overhaul. The tube shapes are engineered to create aero gains whilst retaining the feel and ride of a classic road bike.

For the SuperSix EVO, Cannondale has aimed to reduce drag without compromising weight or stiffness. This requires a whole new approach to developing tube shapes. These shapes utilise a very small segment of the airfoil chord, maintaining a low aspect ratio. This provides a balanced stiffness and a far lower weight compared to complete airfoils.

With these faster tube shapes, the new Cannondale SuperSix EVO can save 30 Watts at 30m/h compared to the older Cannondale model!

High Performance Design

It’s not just the frame that helps the Supersix Evo slice through the air with ease. It is also the integrated system known as KNOT. The KNOT wheels, seat post and bar & stem system improve the overall performance of the Supersix EVO.

The weight of this performance road bike has also been reduced – which might sound crazy because of the aero gains and larger tube shapes that the road bike now has – but it is 19 grams lighter than the previous Cannondale model!

The SuperSix EVO is very comfortable with 18% more vertical compliance. It also has the added benefit of a higher riding position, with room for up to 30mm tires!

Primera Sports Rider Review

Jon, our bike fitter, managed to get out on the new Cannondale model over the last week and this is what he thought of the Supersix Evo. Jon currently rides an S-works Tarmac so this is a great comparison on two very capable road bikes:

The first thing that you notice when you stamp on the pedals of this road bike is that you instantly feel like you could light up the road. 

The other thing to note is the riding position it offers, a relaxed but still has a sporty feel. This will appeal to more riders. Offering the ability for this bike to be more than a performance machine and a bike that you can ride long distance and over broken tarmac with the 30mm tire clearance.

Back to how the SuperSix EVO rides, the handling is pinpoint but not twitchy at all. If anything, It increases confidence and makes your ride more fun. The added confidence you get riding this road bike means you can concentrate on what matters and get the power down.

All in all the new Cannondale Supersix EVO offers a performance bike with aero gains which inspires confidence and stays futureproof with the latest tech. If you are looking for a new performance road bike, then look no further!”

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