In the cycling world, road bikes are a firm favourite, offering stability, agility and speed. Due to their high-performance build, road bikes are also known as ‘racers’ and ‘speed machines’. With so many models to choose form, from entry-level to world-class racing bikes, which are the best?

Joe from Primera Sports has been cycling for 7 years and has put together a list of his top 4, tried and tested road bikes from world-class brands Specialized, Pinarello, Cannondale and Orro. Read his road bike reviews to find out how each road bike compares.


First on my road bike review list is the awesome Specialized S-Works Venge! Our most popular 2019 custom road bike build with very positive feedback from all riders.

Venge road bikes have always been a favourite of ours and when Specialized introduced the Vias version, super aero, it felt like cheating! This fast and stiff road bike offers great results for riders with the only drawback being the brakes. Then the all-new Venge model with a road disc brake wheelset was released, putting it in a league of its own.

At Primera Sports, we have a lot of customers riding the Venge road bike with amazing race performances and without a doubt a stunning looking machine. Matched with the Roval 64 wheels and S-Works tyres and ceramic speed bearings you can really feel the speed.

We had a couple of riders treat themselves to Venge bikes for sportive rides including the Etape du Tour and they loved them. I have tried this road bike myself and it really does put a smile on your face, so fast when you kick out the saddle!

Road Bike Review 2: PINARELLO F12

The Pinarello F12 is an Italian race-bred machine with many Grand Tour wins under its belt with Team Ineos onboard. Hand-built in Italy, the F12 is a high-end road bike frame and is most definitely the Ferrari of the bike world!

If you are looking for the ultimate road bike and budget is not an issue, then the F12 should be on your shortlist. Dreamy and sexy in every way, the build quality of the F12 is excellent – with aero gains are up there with other leading brands.

Produced with both calliper brakes as well as disc options, this road bike appeals to both camps. When you take the F12 for a ride, you’ll soon appreciate the premium price tag. Undeniably stunning at every angle, when you pull up at a cafe stop with this road bike, you’ll soon attract a crowd.

Seeing the top two places going to the F12 at the Tour De France goes to show this exquisite road bike’s capability of world-class performances.