Are you looking for a new bike that combines trailblazing technology with smart design? If so, ORRO bikes may turn your head. ORRO bikes are an exciting British based bicycle company based in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Sussex Downs National Park. Their bike models are equally outstanding and have been represented by Olympians and charity champions on extraordinary journeys.

What is an ORRO bike?

ORRO bikes are designed with leaders in the aerospace and F1 industries, and are inspired and tested by the natural environment of the Sussex Downs they are produced in. ORRO bikes are versatile by nature, making them the perfect fit for riders on all terrains from gravel to road.

Reasons you should buy an ORRO Bike

ORRO bikes are driven by a set of four core values: quality, performance, style, and innovation, and each of these provide the ORRO rider with several advantages.

1. Quality

When choosing your next bike, it is important to ensure you are receiving the best quality for your investment. At ORRO, high quality materials and components are used for each build, and ORRO bikes are tested by a dedicated team on the challenging climb of the Ditchling Beacon to guarantee the perfect riding experience. Orro bikes are made for several cycling styles, including:

  • Performance road bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Endurance road bikes
  • Singlespeed bikes
  • Women’s road bikes

2. Performance

Cyclists and bike enthusiasts naturally want to achieve peak performance from their technology, so All ORRO bike models go through rigorous testing and are hand assembled to ensure each bike excels in its field. If you as a rider are on a particularly challenging route, ORRO bikes will provide the support to let you push your limits. At ORRO, they hope that every bike model will cultivate the rider’s passion and promote excellence and enjoyment in cycling. This is inclusive of both high intensity sport to simply getting from A to B in the city, suiting all types of cyclists.

3. Style and Functionality

From ORRO Terra gravel bikes to the speedy carbon framed ORRO Venturi Evo 105, ORRO bikes provide designs that meet the riders needs without compromising aesthetics. Taking inspiration from people, nature, and technology, ORRO designs their bike frames with a natural flow to allow the rider to always feel comfortable and in control. ORRO bikes are distinctive for their minimalist approach to branding, swapping crowded graphics for a simple finish to allow their machines to be recognised primarily by their quality. This combination of organic style and functionality makes ORRO stand out in what they do.

4. Innovation

Since the brands inception, ORRO has shown an excitement to progress the field of bike manufacturing. To allow their customers to have an outstanding riding experience, ORRO bikes are designed using innovative technology from a passionate team of top British engineers. Collaborations with leading British carbon producer Sigmatex, using their latest pioneering materials, has allowed ORRO to create incredibly crafted range-topping bikes such as the ORRO Terra and ORRO Venturi models.

ORRO bikes have established themselves as a top bike designer, producer, and innovator in the world of cycling. With numerable models of ORRO bikes available, there is sure to be one that works for you. Here at Primera Sports, we are experienced and knowledgeable bike enthusiasts who are happy to help you in your search, offering 0% finance deals and price match where possible.

Let us help you find your new ORRO bike match by visiting us at one of our bike shops in Bournemouth or Poole or give us a call at 01202 775588 to ask any questions about our extensive ORRO range.

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