Electric road bikes are here to stay. Whatever your view on them you will be amazed at the ride, technology and ever-increasing subtle looks. At Primera Sports we have a huge range of e road bikes for you to choose from. We have all the best brands in the industry from Cube, Pinarello, Orbea, Wilier, Cannondale and Bianchi.

  1. Electric road bikes are not just for lazy people or people that can’t be bothered to train

They are for everyone, if you have a health condition, they are a great way to get out on a bike without over exertion. They enable people to ride with fitter or maybe younger riders, levelling the playing field so everyone is having as much fun as possible enjoying the sport of cycling.

  1. Travel faster

Another application that e road bikes can be used for is lack of time. We all struggle to get out and spend some time doing what we want. The electric road bike adds the ability of going twice as far in half the time and enables you to do more of what you love to do in the limited time you have available.

  1. Electric road bikes can help you train

Believe it or not e road bikes are being used by some to offer a different type of training. By being able to control heart rate but still get the thrill of riding you can make your next recovery ride one to remember not just a formality.

  1. The batteries on electric road bikes are getting subtle

Electric road bikes are becoming harder and harder to spot with smaller form factors on batteries and smaller motors offering you a bike that no longer resembles what your grandparents might ride but something you can turn up to the local chain gang and blend right in. Our top pick for bikes that you would be hard pushed to notice if it was an E road bike is the Orbea Gain range, with a battery hidden in the slender down tube and motor integration on the rear wheel.

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  1. Travel further

If range is what you are worried about and you love to venture out in to the back roads of Dorset without a care in the world, then fear not with the latest battery technology and efficiency of brush-less motor systems found on modern electric bikes. You can spend a full day out on your favourite roads and not worry about making it home. The range can be up to 200km if you manage your battery correctly. This gives you ample opportunity to explore and find your new favourite coffee stop.

If you are looking at an electric bike to get you out in to the rolling hills then the Cannondale Synapse NEO is the bike for you. It has a huge range of 200km and large 500Wh Bosch battery.

  1. Power and assistance = limitless fun

When we go out and ride our bikes we like it to be as fun as possible, making every moment an enjoyable experience. One of the benefits of an electric bike is that this is a reality. When your legs start to scream at you up that climb you have to get over on the way back home, or when your friend kicks-off front of the pack and you are just holding the wheel, or simply if you lack power in your legs and want to make the sport a more enjoyable experience, then E road bikes are the perfect tool for the job.

When choosing an electric road bike then power is something to take in to consideration; how much assistance do you want? This is completely up to you, but if you want maximum assistance then specialised road bikes fitted with the Fazua system offering a 450W boost mode will help you up the biggest and steepest climbs.

We have three brands that implement the Fazua system; Cube, Pinarello and Kuota all offer a carbon fibre e road bike with a slick, powerful motor interrogation.

  1. Electric road bikes are getting lighter

Electric road bikes will be heavier than the non-electric counterpart but with technology evolving and batteries becoming lighter and more powerful the bikes are getting lighter, some even coming down to weights of just 11kg! With the e road bikes weight not being a hindrance when the time comes you can push past the limited speed of 25kph and ride at your own speed. All the e road bikes can push past this 25kph and you will find yourself pushing past this speed on a regular basis on your rides.

The motor is there for you when you need it, when the going gets tough and you need that slight bit of assistance you have been looking for. If you are looking for a light electric bike then the Wilier CENTO1 Hybrid E-road Bike is the best electric road bike that we would recommend. With its elegant looks, powerful battery and road bike characteristics in a 11kg package you truly have the best of both worlds. A lightweight electric road bike and the assistance when its needed.

At Primera Sports we offer every level of electric road bike and have an in-depth range on display in our bike shop in Bournemouth. If an electric road bike is going to be your next purchase, then Primera Sports have you covered. With expert staff that are fully trained technicians and over 25 years’ experience within the bike trade let us help you enjoy your new ride even more with an e road bike. We offer 0% finance offers and we’ll price match.

For any more information browse our full electric bikes range online or call our expert staff on 01202 775588 or 01202 749674. Alternatively, use our contact form to drop us a message and we’ll get straight back to you.

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