Electric bikes are a quick, cost-effective way of getting around and require less effort than a regular push bike, taking the struggle out of tiring stretches. Electric bikes contain three main components that your standard non-electric bike doesn’t possess; a motor, a battery, and a sensor. There are many benefits of an electric bike which make them super adaptable and easy to use. Want to know how electric road bikes or electric mountain bikes work and the easy way to use one? Then carry on reading to find out more!

The 3 main components of an electric bike:

So, how do electric bikes work? Well, there are three important components working together.

  1. Motor

First up is the motor, which can be placed in various places along the bike to gain different advantages. The types of motor variations include front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive motor. Their main purpose is to provide the rider with advanced torque. This is a great factor as with increased torque you get increased power from your pedalling. So, you put less work in and get more speed from your ride! Perfect for anyone wanting to go for a bike ride without wearing themselves out. Whether it be on the way to work on a standard electric road bike or on a long distance cycling holiday on a hybrid electric bike, the motor will power your ride wherever you are.

  1. Battery

The battery is what powers your motor, on top of the range electric bikes you can get a range of over 150km from a single charge. And like the motor, batteries can be placed in different places depending on the model of bike. Electric bike batteries are rechargeable, so after a long ride you can just plug it in and charge it back up for tomorrow’s ride.

On average, the battery on an electric bike will take five to six hours to recharge, it’s as easy as plugging it into the wall like any other handheld electronic device. As the battery is what is keeping your bike in action, it’s important to note that electric bike batteries should not be left uncharged for long. This overtime can damage them, and that’s the last thing you want when you’ve bought a new bike!

  1. Sensor

Finally, you have the sensor, a very important component that can vary between electric bikes. There are speed sensors which pick up when you start pedalling and engage the motor to assist your ride. Not only that but there are also torque sensors which are a bit more sophisticated. These respond with assistance to match your speed in a way that helps you manoeuvre better. Each kind of electric bike sensor will improve your speed and help you ride as efficiently as possible. Motors will be different between electric mountain bikes, hybrid electric bikes, and electric road bikes. This means cyclists have a wide range of options to suit their needs.

How to use an electric bike

Now you know a little more of your way around the components of electric bikes, you may want to use your new knowledge and try one! Although they are easy to use, it is important to know how to handle one. This will help you to prolong its overall lifetime.

Cycling on an electric bike is just like normal in that you only need to pedal to get moving. Where it gets more complex is the assistance controller on your electric bike, often placed on the handlebars, which is used to turn on the power assist from the motor. At this point, you will have a choice of what assistance level you need from your ride. It’s as simple as pressing the plus and minus symbols on your controller! If you’re new to electric bike riding, rather than going straight for the highest level of assistance, try out the different assistance levels to see which suits you and your speed.

Where to buy electric bikes in Bournemouth

With electric bikes, it is as easy as that! There are many benefits of an electric bike and its specialised components. This is why electric bikes are growing in popularity as a more eco-friendly mode of transport.

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