When you think of electric bikes and the rain you might think it’s a no go! Everyone knows water and electricity do not mix well, but when it comes to e-bikes, you can rest at ease. All the electric bikes we sell at Primera Sports are water resistant if not waterproof. So, you can pedal through all conditions with peace of mind. Below we will take you through the rough and rugged electric bikes that can help you explore even more.

The best way to explain how the water resistance on electric bikes works is to break them down into components. All electric bikes have three main components, the motor, battery and wiring. If we start with the motor first, we can show you how water-resistant systems work on the most exposed part of the bike.

Electric Bicycle Motors

The motor will sit in a sealed casing that is made from plastic. This helps protect the motor from debris and water. The general consensus on riding them in the rain is that it’s fine, however, never submerge the motor as they are not a complete sealed unit. No electric bicycle brand claims to offer an IP rating for their motors.

All motors will run a dust seal that will keep a large amount of moisture out of the drive unit. Our top tip would be riding your e-bike to your heart’s content in the rain but never submerge the motor or any of the electronics. Take a look below at the internals of a motor, this is sealed by a big O-ring but you would not want to get water in this unit.

E-Bike Batteries

The next component is the battery. Again, the batteries used in an electric bike are in a sealed unit but aren’t fully waterproof. The only manufacturer to boast an IP waterproof rating is Specialized in IP67. IP stands for an ‘ingress protection rating’. IP67 is 100% dust tight and protects against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1M depth of water. So, the battery from Specialized electric bikes will withstand riding in the rain and the occasional submersion in water but we recommend avoiding this unless it’s necessary.

Bosch electric bikes do not quote an IP rating so we can’t tell you how water and dust resistant they are. However, from our experience, Bosch electric bikes are fine to use in all conditions, as long as you don’t want to go swimming with the bike!

Wiring Systems on Electric Bikes

The third place that water ingress can take place is through the wiring system. All the electric bikes we sell at Primera Sports offer sealed head units which can offer the protection needed to seal the bike from the rain. Also, all charging ports and connectors will run a huge rubber seal to cover them from the elements.

In conclusion, we recommend a few things if you ride your e-bike in all conditions:

Make sure your electric bike is well maintained and use it within its recommended parameters.
Never ever submerge your electric bike in water. Electricity and water do not mix, and it will end in a ruined ride or worse.
After a wet ride, clean all connectors and electronic parts of your e-bike to avoid corrosion and water ingress.

We hope we have answered your questions about riding your e-bike in the rain. Here are some electric bikes we recommend that are built robustly for every weather condition!

Specialized Levo Electric Mountain Bike

Top of the list is the Specialized Levo. With its IP rated battery and rugged protection on motor and controls, we recommend this bike to everyone looking to get out in the wild and not worry about their gear.

Cube Touring E-Bike Hybrid

The second bike we would recommend is the Cube e-bike touring range. This range features the Bosch drive system and offers plenty of protection from the elements. This hybrid electric bike will keep you going on a long climb through the Alps in the rain or commuting to and from work in April showers. Take a look at the full Cube bike range as they have a bike for every type of rider.

Merida E Mountain Bike Sixty-one

Our third option would be the Merida E-bike Sixty-one, an electric mountain bike that will take you anywhere with its 160mm of travel and Shimano drive system. This e-bike is built to take on any adventures you might have. The Shimano system offers a magnesium chassis that the motor is housed in, allowing you to hit the trails at full pace, with the peace of mind that you have a bomb-proof motor system slung low under your E-bike.

If you want to talk to us about any questions you have on electric bikes then please get in touch, our friendly expert staff will be able to help you with any questions you have. We also offer the best deals on new electric bikes anywhere in the UK. So, if you want to start your bike adventure, Primera Sports is the best place to start!

All our new electric bikes are available on 0% finance up to 36 months with no deposit, so now is the time to get a new e-bike ready for the summer season.

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To get more information on e-bikes, read our electric bike FAQ’s.

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