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Electric bikes are the hottest new trend in the bicycle industry. E-bikes are similar in many ways to standard pedal bikes, but with a few key differences. Electric bikes come as standard with a motor and battery which provide the rider with assistance when pedalling. This feature is becoming especially popular with more casual riders who are able to go further and faster with the help of the electric motor. Electric bikes come in many different styles and setups so it can be difficult to know what to look for when choosing your first E-Bike. Read on to find out some key tips on what to consider when buying an electric bike. 

Types of E-Bikes 

There are now almost as many different types of E-Bikes as there are standard pedal bikes. Choosing what type of electric bike to go for really depends on what you are going to use it for.  

Electric mountain bikes 

If you do a lot of off-roading and trail riding, then an electric mountain bike is perfect. This will give you improved suspension and grip with the functionality of an electric motor to power you up those steep hills.


Electric gravel bikes 

For riders who spend more time travelling on roads or commuting to work, electric road-gravel bikes are more suitable. The e-bikes battery assistance will improve performance on long or shorter journeys. Gravel tyres are also suitable for both on and off-road terrain. 


Folding e-bikes 

Cyclists who live in cities and either need to bring their bike into an office or don’t have much storage at home would benefit from the portability of a folding e-bike. Folding electric bikes give the rider all the benefits of assisted pedalling along with being able to fold the bike down to a smaller size that allows for easier storage at the destination.  


Electric hybrid bike 

Casual riders who are looking for a versatile bike suitable for any conditions should consider an electric hybrid bike. Hybrid e-bikes are suitable for almost any ride and the electric motor will improve performance regardless of where you are using it.  



Once you have decided what type of electric bike you are looking for, the next consideration will be the price point. Like pedal bikes, e-bikes go from entry-level models to the more expensive premium models. If you are looking for great value for money, then Haibike electric bikes are a great place to start. They have a great range of e-bikes at a very reasonable price. We carry a comprehensive range from brands like Specialized and Cube which are all very respectable brands. Higher price point e-bikes are usually manufactured with better materials and improved power and range from the electric motor. Whatever your budget, visit us at Primera Sports and we will be able to help you find the best e-bike option.  

Motor types and battery range 

The most important component of any electric bike is the motor and the battery. Understanding the specifications of the bike you are buying is important as this will greatly impact performance. The power output for most e-bikes will be about 250Wh which is more than enough to improve performance and take some of the effort out of the pedalling.  

Most e-bike motor types are either hub drive or mid-drive motors. Hub drive motors are normally located at the back of the bike and are common on entry-level electric bikes. With more premium models you are likely to see a mid-drive motor located in the centre of the bike for better stability and performance. Where you will see more variation is with battery size. This is an important factor as this will affect how far you can go with the assisted motor. Most manufacturers will give you an average battery range, so consider if this will be enough distance for you in-between charges.  

Where to buy electric bikes in Bournemouth and Poole 

At Primera Sports we have a wide range of electric bikes. We have some of the most popular e-bike brands such as Haibike electric bikes and Cannondale electric bikes. If you are looking to buy your first e-bike, shop the full range at Primera Sports.  

Browse our collection of electric bikes online or visit our bike shop in Bournemouth or Poole. We offer 0% finance on all our electric bike models. If you want more advice on choosing your first e-bike then speak to one of our expert team either in-store or call us on 01202 775588.