4 Reasons To Take Up Cycling In 2023

Cycling is a fun, eco-friendly and efficient way to stay fit whilst spending time outdoors. Its low-impact nature suits people of all ages and fitness levels, and provides a host of physical, mental, and environmental benefits. As we are firmly through the dark mornings and nights, now is the perfect time to consider taking up cycling. Whether you wish to take cycling up as a hobby, sport, or form of transport, the benefits of cycling remain the same. In this blog, we will explore four reasons to take up cycling in 2023.

Health and fitness

One of the most obvious benefits of cycling is that it’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Tackling roads and hills is a sure way to get the heart pumping. On top of this, cycling allows you to burn calories at an impressive rate. And you can push this even further by incorporating faster intervals to increase the intensity.

Despite this, you don’t need to be fully kitted in Lycra with an incredible base fitness to reap the benefits of cycling.  Even using electric bikes for a bit of help for tough hills still provide health benefits whilst you get fitter. At Primera Sports, we have the best electric bikes the market has to offer, such as the Haibike AllMtn collection. Discover the full range of Haibike electric mountain bikes on our website today!

Environmentally friendly

Cycling is a much more environmentally friendly mode of transport compared to driving. Not to mention the reduction in your carbon footprint through the materials and energy used in manufacturing cars. On top of this, cycling benefits your wallet! With the cost of petrol rocketing, you can save money by reducing your fuel consumption where possible. Again, opting for an electric bike is a suitable option to reduce costs and pollution.

Mental health

Cycling benefits your mental health. There is an abundance of scientific studies that support the notion that cycling reduces stress. It is clear to see why too; getting your heart racing in the great outdoors is sure to improve your wellbeing. Getting out to quieter roads away from traffic is the ideal place to achieve this. At Primera Sports, we stock a wide range of road bikes that are perfect for all. Our collection of Merida bikes, featuring the Merida Scultura and Merida Reacto models are particularly popular with beginners and cycling experts.

Social aspect

Another major benefit of cycling is the social aspect. Whether you wish to spend more time with the family or challenge your friends, cycling can achieve this. The beauty of cycling is that you can get the whole family involved. With adults and kids bikes available, Primera Sports has you covered so that you can enjoy more family time!

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