We catch up with Darren from our Bournemouth store…

I’ve been commuting on my bike for a few years now and find it a great way to set you up for the day ahead. These days I use a gravel bike as it opens up a choice of routes. Roads, tracks or beach front, the wider tyres offer lots of grip whatever the weather. There are plenty of off-road trails on the heathland in and around town, plus the National cycle network route 2 uses the promenade as well to drop you into the centre of Bournemouth.

Commuting by bike has lots of benefits, it’s a great way to save money, no fuel to pay for, no car parking charges, and no sitting in queues of stationary traffic. Once you start to commute it soon becomes a way of life, it gets the blood flowing and turns the journey to work into an adventure.  You can even save money on the purchase of your new bike using the numerous cycle to work schemes, tax free bikes!  We also offer 0% finance if you want to purchase the bike outright and spread the cost. If you’re worried about getting wet in winter, today’s modern clothing is very clever. It’s water resistant and breathable, It will keep you dry and warm on your commute, and being breathable, you won’t get sweaty either. I use Castelli clothing most of the time, great quality and fits really well. We also carry the Endura range which offers clothing to suit most budgets, and as with all clothing ranges these days they offer some cool designs. My ride is an ORRO Terra, British brand with some great build options. When I was choosing my latest bike I set out my budget and made a list of what it needed to have, carbon frame, hydraulic disc brakes and plenty of tyre clearance should I want to play around with different tyre sizes. For 2021 the Orro Terra C is now available with Shimano, SRAM and the new 13 speed Campagnolo Ekar gravel specific group set. We also have a range of gravel and cyclocross bikes from all of our brands with gravel bikes prices starting from £899.00. You do not have to break the bank when looking for a commuter bike either, we have very reliable bikes starting from just over £400, fit on a set of mudguards and lights and off you go! If you are looking to start commuting you will need a few bike accessories to get you going. With the clocks changing at the end of the month lights are a necessity….We carry a few ranges in stock with prices ranging from under £20.00 to a few hundred pounds! You will also need a good quality helmet, we carry a comprehensive range in both stores and these days they really do look good on. Glasses and gloves might also be on your shopping list…..Pop in one of our stores and we can talk you through all the available options. Most days we get new customers in with a cycle scheme voucher who are looking to get kitted out for their journey to work. We have set out some questions and answers below which we regularly get asked….Q. Can I use my cycle scheme voucher to get a bike and accessories as a package. A. Yes you can include lights, locks, helmet plus most other items needed. How much is a good lock. A. Prices start from around £40 – £100. The more expensive the lock the more secure it is’. What is the best bike for commuting. A. Very much a personal choice, most popular are hybrid models [flat bar road bike]Q. How often do I need a bike service. A. We give a first free service with all new bikes, after that every 6 months should keep your bike running smooth. [happy to discuss in more detail in-store]Q. What if I get a flat tyre on the way to work. A. We carry a great range of puncture resistant products in-store. [happy to advise in more depth]Q. Do you offer cycle insurance. A. We do not offer insurance, bike insurance is often more cost effective if added to your home insurance…Hope to see you on the road soon! If you need any advice please get in touch.

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