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Bike Fitting in Poole

At Primera Sports, we are passionate about bike fitting and our aim is to make sure each customer gets the best from their bike. We pride ourselves on being one of the first bike shops in the country to offer a professional bike fitting service and continue to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology.

What is a bike fitting?

A professional bike fit benefits every level of cyclist, from professional cyclists to those who cycle to and from their local coffee shop.

When you get your bike fitted professionally, you’re ensuring your bike is in the right position and comfortable enough to ride for as long as you want. Getting your bike fitted correctly also improves posture, reducing the risk of injury and increasing overall endurance.

When should you get your bike fitted?

  • With every new bike

We recommend a professional bike fitting with every new bike so that you’re in good stead long-term. At Primera Sports, we provide a free fitting service with all new bikes, carried out by our fully trained in-house fitter.

  • To increase performance

Are you setting yourself a higher performance target? Getting a fresh bike fit might be just what you need to improve your bikes aerodynamic power.

  • Your experiencing discomfort, or have had an injury

A trained bike fitter will assess your bikes position and make amendments that give you the confidence and comfort to cycle.

There are lots of reasons to get a professional bike fit. If you are unsure if you’re due a bike fit, visit us in store for a chat or get in touch via our Live Chat.

What are the benefits of bike fitting?

  • Improved comfort
  • Sizing a new bike correctly
  • Reducing saddle discomfort
  • Increasing endurance

Professional bike fitting in Poole

Looking for a bike fit in Poole? Our bike fitting takes place in our Poole store by our experienced bike fitter. We’ll find out your what type of riding you’ll be doing, your goals and your fitness levels. It’s paramount to us that your bike fitting provides you with comfort, as well an increasing performance so we will also ask about your flexibility and previous injuries.

To ensure an accurate bike fit, remember to wear your full cycling kit including cycling shoes (if you wear them).

Are you ready to improve your bike’s efficiency and comfort? Visit the Primera Sports Poole store or call us today on 01202 749674 to book your professional bike fitting service in Poole.