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Rotor was built on the vision that they could develop a more natural and efficient way of pedalling. Rotor bike components use innovative chainring design to reduce the negative effects of ‘dead spots’ in a riders pedal rotation. By using an oval shaped configuration, they can give a rider more power at the strongest part of their pedal stroke.

Other cutting-edge technology like Rotor power meters are designed to give users precise and comprehensive data to improve their pedalling performance. Dual leg measurements allow you to analyse the performance of each leg, to gain a better understanding of the balance in your pedalling technique.

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The Rotor 2INPower DM Road dual-sided Power Crank is a powerful tool in understanding your pedalling mechanics via a user-friendly setup and connection to a smartphone. With over 250 hours of battery life, you will have plenty of time on the road, improving your performance as you go.

Browse our range of Rotor bike components online or visit our bikes shops in Poole or Bournemouth to get a full demonstration. You can purchase all our Rotor bike cranks on finance if you’re looking to improve your performance as soon as possible. Call us today on 01202 775588.