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Originating from Milan, Italy, Pirelli is a global tyre manufacturer. The brand dates back to 1872 when they first produced elastic rubber items. Today, Pirelli bike tyres are some of the top models available in the cycling industry.

For several years now, Pirelli bike tyres have been designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. With demands for natural rubber on the rise, Pirelli bike tyres are standing out because of their environmentally friendly factor. Not only this, but collections like Pirelli Cinturato offer considerable protection and comfort. This means you can ride beyond limits without compromising on performance.

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At Primera Sports, we have a range of Pirelli Cinturato models available. If you are looking for a Pirelli bike tyre with diverse abilities, try the Pirelli P Zero Velo. For all-round cyclists, we also have the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H and Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M Classic available.

At Primera Sports, we love the ethics and design of Pirelli bike tyres! It’s no surprise to us when we see cycling enthusiasts from all performance levels buying from our Pirelli Cinturato range. If you need any recommendations on the Pirelli tyres we have in stock, visit our bike shop in Bournemouth or Poole. For general enquiries or to speak to one of our bike specialists, call 01202 775588 today.