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If you are looking to spend £350 or £15,000 on a new bike, it needs to fit! When you buy your bike here at Primera, the fitting is FREE!

This includes all major brands such as Specialized, Lapierre, Cervelo, Cannondale, Pinarello, Argon 18, and many more!

We see lots of riders at events on poorly fitted bikes which results in lost power and energy; this is a real shame as it represents poor value for you the customer.

Shops which only stock one or two brands do not allow you the choice of sizes. The result is a bike that fits poorly.

Bike-fit has been used for over 20 years and we were there at the start! It is a pleasure to see athletes and leisure riders flying along on a bike which fits them well, and you can see they are comfortable for mile after mile.

At Primera we stock over 20 bike brands and carry over 1,000 bikes in our stores.

End result is it gives us and you the customer an opportunity to find a bike that fits and not sell you the wrong product. Specialized, Cannondale, Cervelo, Pinarello, Kuota, Focus and Argon18 all measure differently, so when you are choosing a brand always try and keep an open mind as another brand may fit you better than the one you had in mind. 

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When you purchase a new bike from Primera Sports you will get a FREE Bike Fit (with any bike).


The Retul bike fitting is the most advance bike fitting process available. It uses all of the experience and knowledge of the fitting technician along with 3D motion capture technology. This allows the specialist fitter to see all the necessary information through the Retul software package. For more information on the Retul process please see the link below.

Please remember to bring your cycling gear if you are being professionally fitted, cycling shoes and shorts are highly recommended.

To find out more about Retul Bike Fitting visit the Retul Bike Fitting page of the website 


The BG fit protocol has been in development since bike fitting was first considered a science. Ensuring the three points of contact with the bike are adjusted according to each specific rider requirements. BG is the only fitting system that is complimented with an entire range of products to help ensure a perfect fit every time! 

The process has been scientifically proven to improve knee tracking and reduce the potential for injury, as well as improve overall comfort and increase power in all positions on the bike. Designed to be applied to anyone from Tour de France winners to Tour de France supporters and anyone in between.

Or phone us on 01202 775588 / 01202 749674 or email for more info on bike fitting.

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