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Fabric is renowned for making high-quality cycling products such as Fabric bike saddles. Fabric is always looking for new technologies to implement into their designs. They work on producing simple products that challenge existing cycling solutions. Over the years, Fabric bike seats have won many awards due to their high functionality and performance endurance.

Fabric bike saddles are designed to enhance rider experience for everyone and provide a product that fits the body perfectly. No matter your size or riding style, there is a Fabric bike seat to suit every individual. Fabric bike saddles deliver on both comfort and style! The Fabric Scoop Sport Saddles and Fabric Scoop Radius Elite are popular choices, along with the Fabric Cageless Water Bottles.

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Visit our bike shop in Bournemouth or Poole and find Fabric bike saddle for every ride Whether you are looking for a Fabric MTB saddle or open to recommendations, we can assist you. Call our Bournemouth bike store on 01202 775 588 to find out more about availability.