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10 Item(s)

We have been fans of Exposure lights for a number of years now and I think that’s down to a couple of things. Firstly is the cable free design, there are no separate battery packs it’s all one simple unit. They are easy to use, they just have one button and they are really reliable too, all the Exposure lights come with a 2 year warranty and they are made in the UK.  I think nearly all the guys who work here have at least one Exposure light.

The new 2016 line is as good as ever with improvements to the current models and there are a couple of new lights in the range too. The new lights are the Link and Link+; these are helmet mounted commuting lights. With LEDS front and rear it gives you great 360 visibility and as it’s mounted on the helmet it can be seen from a great distance above the traffic.

The Strada gets a big over-haul and now has the same capactive switching as the other bar mounted lights and a 25% increase in brightness. Most of the other Handle bar lights get brighter too, the six pack goes up to a whopping 4000 Lumens so if you are looking for the ultimate bar mounted light this is the one for you!

The Exposure light range covers pretty much all riding styles from commuting and road riding to XC endurance racing and even downhill riding in the mountains. So if you need any help and advice to which light or lights are right for you, just call in to one of our stores or get in touch by phone or email. We can talk you through the range and get the right lights for you.

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