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The versatile Vita, road racer

The Vita is another very versatile from Specialized, it’s your flat bar road racer. It’s also your A-B commuter bike. It’s fantastic on charity rides or just as a great fitness tool.

With women’s specific geometry and parts it gives you a great fit right straight from the box. Specialized also offer various frame options from the A1 Aluminium step through frame up to the FACT Carbon frame so there will be a Vita to suit your needs.

On the Aluminium models you get full mudguard and rack compatibility making them ideal for commuting or light touring. The carbon framed models step up it with improved comfort and performance, making them a great choice if you wanted road bike speed with the control of a flat bar.

The range starts with the Vita and the Vita Step Through these two models use the same light weight A1 alumimium just differing with the frame shapes. They are equipped with V-Brakes and Shimano 8-speed rapid fire shifters.

The Vita Sport and the Vita Sport Step Through share the same frames but get upgraded parts including a 9-speed Shimano groupset. The Vita Sport Disc then gets an upgrade to mechanical disc brakes.

As the range moves onto the Vita Elite Disc you start to see a more performance based packed. The frame is upgraded to the lighter E5 Premium Aluminium frame and the forks are now made from the FACT Carbon with the Zertz inserts for added comfort. You know see Hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano Sora 9 speed groupset.

Next up is the carbon models so if you are looking for the best ride quality these are the bikes for you. The Vita Elite Carbon Disc EQ has the Shimano Sora 9-speed groupset and comes with two Zee cages and a Mini Wedgie seat pack. The Vita Comp Carbon Disc EQ is the top of the range model, it shares the same frame and extras as the Vita Elite Carbon disc but gets an upgrade to the Shimano Tiagra 10-Speed groupset. 

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