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Ideal for mountain biking or cruising around with the family

The Specialized Jynx is the go to bike for Ladies looking to get into mountain biking or cruise around with the family. With the 650B (27.5”) wheels the Jynx’s fly’s along the promenade and new forest track with ease    

Specialized offer three choices in the Specialized Jynx range. There is the Jynx which is the entry price point of range with its premium A1 aluminium frame and shimano components it’s a blend of fun and great value. The other two models share the same A1 aluminium frame but come in two different specs. The Jynx Sport opts for a mechanical disc break and adjustable front suspension. And the Jynx sport disc with its hydraulic breaks and upgraded wheels set. In the Jynks family there is an option for every budget and riding style.

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