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Light and easy to ride

The Hotrock range from Specialized takes your child from the Hotwalk balance bike up to the Hotrock 24 XC. Each model in the range has been designed and engineered to help with the individual needs of the young rider. Each model is light and easy to ride ensuring your child gets a great start in the world of cycling.

To start your young one off there is the Hotwalk this is the balance bike. This style of bike really helps with the balance and coordination needed to progress to a normal two wheeled bike without stabilizers. 

Next in the line-up is the Hotrock 12 Coaster. This is the first proper bike in the range it features a rear coaster brake. This really helps with the riding development, it ensure proper pedal strokes are made and using their legs to brake gives more control over small hands on brake levers.

Upping the wheel size to 16” is the next progression in the range. The Hotrock 16 Coaster is the bigger version of the Hotrock 12. It shares the same light weight alloy frame and the rear coaster brake, making it an easy step to the next size.

The Hotrock 20 6-Speed and Hotrock 20 6-Speed street is where things start to change in the range. On this sizes gear are introduced and you see level pulled rim brakes on both the front and back. Suspension forks and nobbly tyres are found on the Hotrock 20 6-Speed for a bit of off-road fun. The Hotrock 20 6-speed Street gets smooth tyres and a rigid fork for a slightly lighter street based model.

As your child grows so does the bike, the Hotrock 24 21-Speed again has two models like the Hotrock 20. There is the off-road and the street version. You now see gears on the front as well as the back on this model so it’s just a scaled down adults bike.

Taking thing a little further comes the Hotrock 24 XC. This model gets a slightly bigger frame than the Standard Hotrock 24 21-speed and better components too, the frame is a little lighter as well. This is kids bike that likes to perform!

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