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Focus Mares: More than just a race bike

If there was ever a bike company that is going to make a great cyclocross bike it’s going to be Focus. The company was founded by a world cyclocross champion Mike Kluge.

The Mares has years of racing experience behind it and has some great innovations that set it apart from other Cyclocross bikes. The Mares is available with either aluminum or carbon frames. Both frames feature internal cable routing to protect the cables from the mud and grime.

They also have an oval top tube which fits comfortably on the shoulder. Both frames feature carbon forks and have the R.A.T axles and drop outs. Focus has also recognized that the mares is more than just a race bike and have made a commuter version too.

This features mudguards and lights so it’s ready to hit the roads for your daily commute. There are seven models in the Mares range so whether you are fighting your way through the traffic or shouldering your way to the finish line there is going to be a model that’s right for you.

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