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So versatile it's two bikes in one

The Trigger sits alongside the longer travel Jekyll in the Cannondale over mountain range. As with the Jekyll is sports adjustable rear wheel travel, this time is 140mm and 85mm. The twin chamber Fox Dyadd rear shock takes care of this and offers lots of adjustability so it’s possible to real fine tune the rear shock to match your riding style.

The two travel settings are called elevate and flow. The elevate setting gives you a firmer setting for climbing or for fast smooth sections. The flow mode is softer, plusher and increases the travel perfect over rough ground and any downhill sections. Cannondale use their BallisTec carbon on the higher end models and the Smart formed alloy on the other models. Both frames have the same ECS-TC pivot system, this uses through axles on the pivots for maximum stiffness and minimal flex.

The lefty Super Max fork is used on the higher end models; this is one of the best performing forks around. It’s lighter, stiffer, and plusher than any fork in its class and in the beefed up Super Max guise it looks amazing! The Trigger is one of those bikes that good at most things and thanks to the adjustable travel you really have two bikes in one, it maybe to only mountain bike you’ll ever need.

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