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Versatile bike with Race Heritage

The Scalpel has been in the Cannondale line up for a number of years now and it’s always been their flagship full suspension race bike. It’s evolved over the years and has become a more versatile bike but it still holds on to its race heritage.

All of the Scalpel range comes with a Lefty fork up front, the Lefty is the stiffest, most plush and best performing fork in its class. You get two options on frame options either aluminum or carbon. Cannondale use their ballistic carbon which uses military grade fibers for exceptional stiffness and strength. The rear swing arm has no pivots and uses the flex in the carbon to provide the suspension movement. On the Alloy version you will find a traditional pivot but Cannondale use double bearings to add to the stiffness in this area.

To make the bike more versatile Cannondale have a reversible spacer on the head tube in the upper position you will have a faster steering response and in the lower position it slackens the head angle for a more trail based ride feel.

Although the Scalpel is classed as an XC race bike it’s also great for long all day rides too. It’s just a great all round XC/Trail bike.

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