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The Fat CAAD is Cannondale’s Fat bike (as the name probably suggests) Fat bikes have been around for a while now so it’s not really a new thing. Cannondale do like to do things a little differently and the Fat CAAD does have some unique features.

The most obvious feature is the Lefty Olaf found on the Fat CAAD 1. Having their fork on the bike has allowed Cannondale to fine tune the handling. The large tyres found on fat bikes can make the handling a bit slow. Normally the head angle is steepened, which speeds up the steering but it can affect the handling when descending. The Fat CAAD keeps a slack head angle so it handles well on the descents and the Lefty Olaf has a large off-set so it retains good handling at slower speeds.

Another thing which Cannondale have achieved is a very low Q-factor for a Fat bike. This is thanks to the oversized BB30, the Si cranks and their offset chain rings. So you don’t get that bow-legged stance normally associated with fat bikes.

Don’t think of the Fat CAAD’s as a snow only bike, the big tyres can be ridden everywhere. They just mould themselves over the terrain giving you an enormous amount of grip. The fat CAAD’s have Cannondale race heritage in their blood so they handle very well. You might find yourself grabbing this bike more than you think; they are just lots of fun. 

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