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Redefine what you thought possible

The Cannondale FSi  well, where to start? The FSI has redesigned what you thought was capable of a XC race bike. What makes this bike work so well is its component integration.

Starting at the front of the bike the all new lefty 2.0 has been specifically designed for this bike. The internals of the fork have had a revamp and shares the same damper that the all new lefty max has but tuned for XC needs. Also you have a new offset on the fork, this offset complements the short and nimble rear end to offer high speed stability and low speed agility all in one package.

Moving to the frame everyone knows geometry is king and Cannondale have hit the nail on the head with the FSi. The rear end of the bike has super short chain stays (429mm). This makes the bike light and nimble in the tight technical terrain and also offers better grip on the climbs as it places the rider’s weight directly over the rear wheel. This is possible due to Cannondale’s new asymmetric rear end. The asymmetric rear end allows the rear wheel to be pushed closer in to the rear of the bike whilst retaining good mud clearance and also a better chain line on either a double or single ring set up. Also with the offset of 6mm that the asymmetric rear end offers creates a zero dish rear wheel this makes the rear wheel incredibly strong and reliable due to an even spoke distribution.

The head angle of the bike has been slackened off to a progressive 69.5 degrees this offers stability at high speeds and complements the super nimble rear end to create an equally agile and nimble front end to the FSi. In conjunction with the slack head angle the Lefty 2.0 has a 55mm offset this livens up the handling to create a light and positive feel whilst out on the trail. All these items blended in together make the bike light and nimble out on the trail in the need to deal with the ever evolving demands of modern XC racing, it’s a true game changer.

The FSi is for the rider looking to redefine what you thought possible on a cross-country race rocket. Having ridden the bike extensively here at Primera we can confirm that it is the best XC race machine on the market.    

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