Take a look at our winter clothing essentials as the temperature plummets. 

We all love riding outside and the best way to stay out for longer is being comfy and warm.

We have put together the best we have on offer for your extremities


 First up we have two items from Endura, the Thermo lite skull cap and Pro SL Permaloft gloves. The head and hands are the two areas that you will start feeling the cold first when you're out on the road. 


You lose a massive 75% of your body heat through your head!


Definitive Element Protection

Keeping your core warm is the key to a comfy long ride, and the Endura PRO SL PRIMALOFT JACKET is the perfect combination of warmth and function. Offering a snug tapered fit whilst retaining room for layering underneath makes this an ideal item for your cycling wardrobe. Rider feedback we have had has been phenomenal!  


And moving further down we need to look at your feet. A perfect way of keeping your feet warm is an overshoe from Fizik. The Winter over shoe is a very rugged and well-built shoe that will keep even the worst of the elements out! width=100%

We have a huge range of clothing online and instore take a look at our full range online.