Wilier is one of the oldest bike companies in the world but that does by no means they are stuck in the past. Their new bike incorporates a full aero frame with an integrated elastomer to keep you fresh and rolling for longer. 



The true magic of this bike is its geometry and ACTIFLEX system. The elastomer reduces and absorbs road buzz and harsh impacts creating less fatigue for you the rider. The way vibration effects you as a rider is the more vibration that is created makes you tense as a rider and have to grip the bike harder. Therefore you use more energy and can put less power down on the road. 


The best way to get to know how and why this bike is so good is to listen to the men that have made it a possibility


Cento10NDR / Behind the project from Wilier Triestina on Vimeo.

Behind the development of an endurance bike, there is a lot of work. A documentary that explains how Cento10NDR is born and how its features have been awarded at last Eurobike 2017.

These bikes come in many build options and also framesets to build a bike that will look as clean and stylish as possible with no visible cables is now a possibility.



We are excited to get out and test the bike and give you a fully comprehensive review but with the popularity its already creating we don't think it's going to be hanging around for long. 





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