As the 2017 season gets properly underway with the first road race at Perfs spirits are very high. The boys are very confident as individuals and as a team and it really shows. Great fun and a great mix of riders ready to enjoy their racing with the lads giving off the feeling that they are old mates rather than new team mates. Army boy Mike Bradbury has already shown his class as a sprinter at Odd Down Crits, soon to bounce back from his crash and will definitely benefit from a lead out team at Crits. Matt Downie is flying high and will definitely push other riders in hilly road races.

Team Boss Jason Gault has created a fun but serious atmosphere and well liked by the team and all involved. Jason wants to win! But still loves the thought of the younger riders getting the wins. When these boys do well Jason's face lights up, his excitement is out there, mates love seeing mates do well in life. Julian Lockwood is going to be the all rounder of the team this season racing triathlon, TT's, road racing and Crits. Julian's a fun guy with far too much energy in life, but he puts it to great use and fits in really well with his team mates. Paul Jones and Ben Keightley are the TT boys in the camp and both riders are looking for some new PB's this season. Paul has years of experience in TT races and a well known figure in the world of racing against the clock. New Dad Ben who's had great success in the Tri world is concentrating on TT's and already winning events while setting some very impressive times. Alex Collins is a regular winner at Calshot track and will gain a lot of experience from the seniors in the team this year. TJ Key is also new for 2017 and a well respected rider who has a real talent on the road and track. TJ has a great relationship with the team which will only get stronger as the season gets underway. When it comes to Off Road Dave Pusey is flying the team flag. Dave is one very cool rider who races Off Road stage races as well as one day events round the UK.

Every team should have at least one animal!
We have Clive Kennedy-Burn, awesome athlete who destroys most triathletes that get in his way. Very strong determined guy who comes from the rowing world and knows how to except pain in his life. Watch out for his results as he's set for an impressive year.

The team is complete for this season and let the fun begin.