Our top picks for Gravel bikes  

Gravel bikes are perfect for everything. You can use them at the weekend out on your group ride or book a week off and go and get lost in the wilderness! Or beat the traffic on the way to work and enjoy the ride as you travel on and off road



We often get asked why a gravel bike, why not a mountain bike? What are they for? Well we can answer these questions for you now, so read on and explore what gravel bikes are all about. 


-Why get a gravel bike rather than a mountain bike?

 The simple answer is versatility. You will be able to ride a gravel bike on almost any terrain that is thrown at you with the ability of heading back towards tarmac whilst maintaining road bike speeds. Another reason to get one over a mountain bike is the weight, gravel bikes are always lighter than the equivalent mountain bike. Mainly due to the lack of suspension fork and lighter weight components. The lack of weight makes them faster and also more efficient so when you are on your epic gravel adventure heading to your perfect camp you will have an easier ride! 


- What are they for? 

 Everything they are so versatile that they don’t really have one job. But if you were to pick its perfect terrain and platform it would be gravel, fire paths and groomed off road terrain. The key and joy of a gravel bike is not being held to one way of riding. You can load these bikes up and head off on an adventure to get away and switch off. So the question what are they for truly it is everything. They offer a perfect option for commuting being stronger and can withstand the rigours of being ridden day in and day out. They offer a perfect chance to liven up your favourite road route by venturing off the beaten track and linking the best roads with the best off road sections.


Gravel bikes can be confusing so we have chosen the best for you to have a look at and start your gravel bike ride. 



First up we have the specialized Diverege this bike really needs no introduction. It offers a perfect blend of endurance race geometry to keep the bike feeling fast and comfortable. The higher models also have the fantastic future shox in the head tube. This allows the bike to be stiff but efficient whilst keeping you the rider smooth and comfy for the long day in the saddle. Versatility is the name of the game with this bike and it shows with tyre clearances of up to 40mm and front rack mounts to load all your camping gear on! If you want one bike to do it, fast on the road comfy off-road and as much fun as you can have with drop bars and two wheels, here you are.



Next up we have the Cannondale Topstone. With its ample tyre clearance relaxed geometry and very capable handling this bike just puts a grin on your face any time you head out on it. Its one of our best sellers for that very reason, fun factor. It makes you feel like a child again you can head out with no plan at all and have an amazing ride on your doorstep. This is the joy of gravel bikes they open a whole new range of routes terrain and new spots to explore straight from your door. Now back to the Topstone with its super lightweight aluminium frame and carbon fork which makes this ideal for adventure riding as its a tried and tested formula that will take you anywhere. Load it up with your adventure bags and off you go exploring, feel the freedom of being self sufficient on two wheels, we highly recommended it.



Next we have the premium option from Pinarello. The Grevil is a beautiful bike that has performance at its roots with its asymmetric full carbon frame and performance geometry that can keep you going all day in the saddle. Running full hydraulic disc brakes on all the models you can descend with perfect control. The Grevil looks amazing in the flesh, why not come on down to our Bournemouth branch to have a look as we have a demo bike in-store that you can try out! Come and have a go. 

Let us summarise gravel bikes originated from a blend of cyclocross bikes and touring bikes this is what makes them so special. You can go out and have a fast fun spirited ride and then the next ride have the adventure of your life riding the Scotland NW500 on the ultimate bike packing adventure. We have gone on about versatility as the name of the game. But that is what makes gravel bikes so good.  

If you have any questions please get in contact with us, as in store at Primera we love riding gravel bikes and getting out in to the open. We are super lucky to have some of the best gravel riding in the UK on our doorstep! 


Come on down and have a talk to our expert staff with years of knowledge and experience. 

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