Orbea Gain the simple solution to electric bikes. 

The Orbea Gain offers the best of both worlds, a bike that doesn't scream electric bike but when needed you get all the benefits of an electric system. The bike comes in many forms from flat bar city street hybrids all the way up to carbon endurance road bikes. With the simplicity of the drive system and the variety of models on offer the Orbea Gain suits every rider and even better every budget. 

Explore the full range of bikes online and see how you can get in to E-Road bikes


The two models we really like in-store are the Gain F40 & Gain D50. These two models are the entry in to the world of electric bikes. Being the least expensive option from Orbea they both represent amazing value.


First off we will have a closer look at the Orbea Gain F40.

With its flat bar stance and 4 different colour options this bike appeals to everyone. Running a 1X Shimano drive train the bike is simple to ride and maintain! Breaking performance is taken care of with powerful hydraulic disc brakes offering superb control and stopping power, perfect for the commute in the rush hour traffic inspiring confidence and added safety in traffic. The motor and battery that are in this bike are also cutting edge. With big bulky battery's being the first thing you notice on an electric bike Orbea have slimmed this down so the bike looks as standard as possible.

Don’t be worried about the size of the battery, Orbea incorporate enough energy concept. Providing enough battery power not more than you need! There are also other benefits to this such as bringing the weight of the bike down, meaning you can lift this bike up off the floor with ease, perfect if you live in a block of flats and have to get up stairs or getting it on a bike rack on the roof of your car.


The heart of the Gain drive system is a rear hub motor system. This in conjunction with the battery are the keys to the way the gain rides and provides you with a smooth progressive drive unit that enhances your ride rather than dominating it. Another massive benefit of this drive system is offering the ability to pedal the bike with no assistance getting back to a raw cycling experience. The unit offers a drag free option when the bike is not offering you an electric boost.

If range is something that concerns you, you can attach an external battery pack on to the bike increasing the range and your peace of mind on a long ride. This attaches through the slickly located CAN connector on the bike. This is also where the diagnostics and charging port is located. This eliminates the need for any bulky and complex wires keeping the bike as slim and simple as possible. 

To create a smooth and intuitive ride the Gain offers a simple and clever solution to monitoring your pedalling input and adjusting the power to suit. The sensor is located on the lock ring for the cassette again adding to the smooth slick non electric bike look. The best this to do is come down to our Bournemouth branch to have a look at both of these bikes to see how amazing they look in the flesh. width=100%

In the fast paced world we live in connectivity is everything so why should your bike be any different? Orbea offer a APP for your smart phone to connect you to your bike. You can track your ride, upload and follow GPS routes and the ability to adjust how your bike rides to another level. It makes the Orbea Gain an even better option as you can really make the bike yours.


The drop bar version of this bike offers all the benefits of the flat bar smaller brother the F40 but with a more pure road riding experience. With drop handle bars and relaxed endurance geometry the Orbea Gain D50 is the perfect partner for your favourite local loop or keeping up on the local club ride. 

With all the seamless touches on the Gain range you can ride this bike without the fear of being stereo typed in to being an E-Road rider because no one will notice you are on one. The Gain range does go up in to carbon models. As the range goes up the components follow suit and also the weight comes down even further! The entire gain range has a price point and a bike to suit every one.It's one of the most inclusive electric bike system we have seen.


If you are interested in any of the Orbea Gain range explore them on line or give us a call on 01202 775588 to ask any questions you may have and the best deals anywhere.


All bikes are available on 0% Finance and zero deposit come in store to look at your new Electric Road bike.