National Track Champs (an honest review!)

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 Over the past couple of weekends, I had the mad idea of doing a lot of driving, not having enough sleep and testing myself against some of the very best track riders in the country. It was painful, it didn’t quite go fully to plan and I’m lusting after an early night and a lie in, but despite all this, I had a great time, having immense fun and getting in a lot of intensity on the bike before the season opener next weekend at Perfs Pedal.

First up was the Welsh national track championships. Yes, I’m not Welsh, I know that. But they were running an ‘open’ team pursuit alongside and as I was riding for a British Cycling South region composite team we entered it as a warm up race before the nationals. To say it didn’t all go swimmingly is probably an understatement. I’ve ridden plenty of track in the past and so had the other riders, but we’d had a whole one training session together on the boards the week before. We were pretty choppy, definitely not smooth and recorded a fairly disappointing time of 4 minutes 40 seconds. Now, from an outside point of view, an average speed of over 30 mph for 4km sounds fast, but when you’ve ridden almost a second faster per lap before, its never nice to go backwards. However, I had a great time, not taking things quite as seriously as I have before on the track and therefore just having some fun. Something that is sometimes overlooked in the sport. And in the end, we actually finished 2nd, with only a Welsh composite team ahead of us, result!!!!!

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