Lightweight is known for making the best and most exotic wheels in the industry and with a price tag to match. 

Their new URGESTALT is way more than just a frame. With its understated paint job and top-grade materials. It's a bike that can match the passion you have for riding your bike.

And the best part is we have a massive saving of 35% ONLY in a 54cm Rim and Disc options


Here is a little section from what Lightweight have to say. 

The next generation is raring to go. Lightweight URGESTALT is way more than
just a revamp as the engineers in Friedrichshafen had to go right back to the 
origins in order to top its predecessor`s already excellent performance values. 
The new frame may look familiar from the outside, but what has happened inside is
tantamount to revolution. Thanks to a radical redesign of the layer structure,
efficiency levels have attained staggering new heights.

Not only does this URGESTALT offer optimized power transmission, highest 
directional stability and maximum stiffness, the new design focuses on
improving riding comfort and safety. When combined with Lightweight wheels 
URGESTALT unleashes its full performance potential and transfers each Watt 
of energy exactly where it wants to go: forwards down the road.

Lightweight URGESTALT is the ultimate link between rider and the road and
is ready and waiting to be ridden.

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