Troy Lee Limited Edition Specialized Turbo Levo.....Awesome fun, but you still have to pedal!




We had a customer who wanted an E-Bike but wanted something special. We built him this Turbo Levo using Hope wheels and brakes. Loving the Sram gear systems but decided to go for the super light XX1 gripshift. The new gripshift uses ball bearings which gives a very smooth operation, feels lovely in use.




With E-Bike sales going through the roof the choice is now fantastic. We stock Specialized, Cube and Focus E-Bikes with Cannondale making an appearance very soon. This new owner is something of a Specialized nut! So when he decided to enter the sport of E-Biking off road there was only one model he would consider....The Specialized Turbo Levo!

Okay so lets start making it a serious off roader...Hope Hoop wheels with their cartridge bearings and super cool ratchet noise of the freehub [music to our ears]....Very reliable wheels which at Primera we are big fans of. No fuss, looks great and will not let you down.




Wanted a cool looking riser bar but needed to be carbon with a decent rise - Q - Renthal Monster bars! Ultra strong bars which add a bit of class to the cock-pit area.

This model bike comes with the 500 battery option which gives you great capacity for a full day on the trails, extended fun which is always appreciated. Once you have your leg over and start pushing on the pedals the pedal assist puts a rather large smile on your face which is hard to remove, only 3 hours for a full re-charge and the fun starts again.

Get going off road and you soon realise you are on a serious mountain bike which will cope with anything you want to throw at it, great fun indeed. Trip to Wales or on your local trails these e-bikes are at home anywhere and you have to look hard before you realise it's actually an e-bike.

The forks which are Rock Shox Pike's feel super smooth while giving a very positive ride, set the dial to your preference and off you go. - Rear shock on the middle setting and pressured to the riders weight gave an awesome ride and looked simply stunning!!! FOX FLOAT Factory DPS, AUTOSAG, Rx Trail Tune, Boost Valve, Kashima coating rear shock is a very exciting piece of kit and the rider is starting a love affair with it! [But don't tell his wife]




The Hope wheels which are running tube-less felt best at 17 psi giving great traction and a confident ride. We have always been big fans of Hope Technology, built in the UK for our conditions is a big bonus! Great work guys.

Rider updates to follow once the miles are stacking up.


Enjoy your riding!