We have had a great relationship with Kuota for many years. 

Italian bikes which are very stylish with performance to match. Road or TT bikes are available as complete bikes or custom builds..... Some of our team and staff ride the brand and are always very positive regarding the prfomance and detail of finish, never dissapoints.

Aero road bikes are becoming more popular each year as small gains all add up to increased power for the same work rate, this can only be a good thing! To match the aero lines Kuota engineers have placed the brakes out of the wind to reduce even more drag. The front brake fits behind the forks, the rear brake is below the bottom bracket. 




Kuota also make full on TT-Triathlon bikes, one of the most popular is the Kalibur model which is UCI legal. If you are riding  Triathlons the KT-05 is also a very serious bike. Peolple ask do aero TT bikes make a difference? They sure do! As riders get more serious about going faster aero gains are a must. 

Kuota Kalibur in full flight!



16 year old Tom Temple breaking the 20 minute barrier for 10 miles. Averaging 30 mph for the 10 miles gave him a time of 19.58 in the Hampshire Open 10. Tom loves his Kalibur which is built with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 - Zipp Super 9 Rear Disc - Enve 7.8 front wheel - Pro Logo 'Grip' Saddle - Garmin Power Pedal System. The Kalibur is designed to cheat the wind and in turn get the rider faster producing some great times in races. The cockpit has lots of adjustment available, fore and aft on the extensions, arm rests can be moved in tight to get you even more streamline. 

We have been supplying bikes to athletes for over 25 years and using our bike fitting systems riders get the most from their investment.  Our main fitter John is trained with the Retul & Specialized BG fitting systems which really do make a huge difference to performance. Should you like any information on Kuota or Bike Fitting please get in touch 01202 775588.