Bournemouth Jubilee RR today attracted some big names in the world of cycling, some of these riders have many years under thier belts in the art of road racing. Primera-TeamJobs relative newcomer Edward Hatfield is not phased by most things and, as a first year junior, he has youth on his side. Some people say cocky, others confident, truth is when this young man puts a number on his back his brain clicks over to doing the job in hand.












The race started fast with no soft pedaling today, the course could be descrided as brutul. Dorset has some great climbs but when you have 10 laps to complete with plenty of energy sapping hills you need to show it some respect. The race split on the first lap and with Ed riding his Specialized S-Works Tarmac he looked comfortable, very comfortable. After three laps Edward climbed up past the finish line well ahead of the peloton on a lone attack. He was hoping someone would join him but no one wanted to play, this could have been the move to provide a winner from a two man break. All back together and we wondered if he had put himself in a vunrable position as counter attacks would follow straight away. Never write this young man off though, and he was covering all the moves. Last lap and it was all together again and approaching the last climb of the day two riders slipped away with Edward battling it out for a high finishing position. On tired legs the junior grabbed himself 5th place overall & 1st junior.