We get asked a variety of questions regarding E-bikes, we have compiled a range of questions and answers to help you out!

What sort of range will i get from one charge?

There is unfortunatley no easy answer to this question, how long is a piece of string!  There are so many variables to be taken into consideraton. Just to name a few wind direction, type of terrain, rider size, temperature, rider skill and tyre pressure. With this many variables it is hard to give an exact distance, as a rule of thumb on a fully charged battery on one of the three systems we sell on an average ride you would expect to get around 45-55km, equating to around 2-3 hours out on the bike.  Obviously this number can change massively if you are clever with mode choice and use some more of your natural power to push the bike, you can then extend that range to an all day epic excursion or you can keep the bike in full turbo and half the distance you ride.  Hopefully this hasn't confused the matter more but we say on average you can get 45-55km out of your E-bike in one go.

Do I still have to pedal?

The long and short of this is yes. All E-bikes use a pedal assist system meaning that you have to turn the cranks to get the assistance, saying that these bikes at full speed can give you a power boost of up to 300%. If the bikes were not pedal assist and just a twist and go system they would be classed as a moped and would need a cbt test and also insurance and road taxed to be used.

How fast do they go?

In the UK all the bikes are limited to 25kph, this is a legal restriction.  In our opinion at Primera this is more than adequate because 25kph off road up a steap and technical climb will be way way faster than you could do on a standard bike no matter how fit you are!.  Also if you want to go faster the bikes can be turned off and under your own steam and gravity can surpass the 25kph speed limit.

How much do they cost?

They vary in price massively.  Here at Primera they start off from £1700 and climb up to £6995 with a price points in between for every pocket. The rule we work to is the equivalent bike without a motor would have a price diffrence of around £1000, the difference is the cost of the motor and battery.

How do you charge them?

All the systems are charged via their own proprietary charger. This will just plug in to a standard wall socket and then in to you battery. The batteries can be charged anywhere between 600-1000 times depending on the system that you go for. That number is the amounf of times the battery can be cycled from completely flat up to 100% charge. The batteries can also be removed from the bike very easily so you don't have to wheel the entire bike in to your lounge just to charge it!

Is it cheating?

You will always get that one mate on the ride that accuses you of cheating and that group of die hard riders telling you its cheating, but we don't think its cheating. You still have to pedal E-Bikes so you can't just sit back and let the bikes do it all for you. What they do allow people to do is get out and ride further turns up the hills and in to an exciting part of the ride again. So the long and short of it is there is no right or wrong answer, but we are in the camp of not cheating.

How heavy are they?

There is definetely a weight penalty with the E-Bikes. The bikes come in at around 25kg, this is around 10kg more than a standard bike but with the assist you dont notice the extra weight. The added weight does have that added bonus of increased traction off road and a more stable feeling to the bike.


If you have anymore questions please dont hesitate to get in contact on 01202 775588 - 01202 749674 or via email on info@primera-sports.com to talk to our expert staff.