Cervelo Bikes at Primera Sports
At Primera we have been supplying Cervelo bikes & frames for many years. The first Cervelo bikes appeared super advanced for the time and continue to improve every year.
Cervelo are a very innovative company who are always working on producing mouth watering bikes. We would like to list the most popular models but this would be difficult. The whole range sells so well and is definitely on most riders list of must have machines! 
One of our team riders races a Cervelo S5, he loves the slick aero look and finds it covers all styles of riding. The bike sprints and climbs superbly and performs brilliantly in road races and crits - a perfect bike for every event.
The Cervelo R3 & R5 models have always been a top choice by endurance riders. Endurance riders require their Cervelo R series bike to perform exceptionally up the climbs and provide unbeatable comfort during long days in the saddle. One of the latest style of bikes are the Cervelo 'C' range, these are called gravel bikes! 
Carbon frames which feature larger clearance for bigger tyres and have been designed to handle confidently on rougher terrain. The idea they originally developed works well indeed, providing fantastic bikes with more comfort. Hit the gravel tracks, have fun and smile - Job Done.
Cervelo are also world famous for producing some of the fastest triathlon bikes in the world! Super aero and stiff which make them extremely fast when built with the correct wheel choice. Still wanting to be leaders of of the Triathlon world Cervelo have now produced their brand new super bike - Cervelo P5X
Possibly the fastest bike in the world! When you build the fastest bike you require super responsive brakes! Hence it comes with disc brakes front and rear!
Fitted out with the finest components possible it comes with Enve carbon wheels, TRP Hydraulic brakes, SRAM Red Etap wireless gear system and enough aero carrying capacity to complete an Iron-man event.
In conclusion, Cervelo have the ideal machine for you!
At Primera we also offer a full bike fitting service using systems by Retul & Specialized Body Geometry, getting the correct fit is crucial when you are investing in a new bike.