We all love mountain biking at Primera Sports, we have been riding off road for many years and still love the freedom of the woods and forest!




This weekend saw some of the Primera boy's racing off road on the mountain bikes, great fun and an exciting way to keep your fitness up. Mountain biking can teach you great bike handling skills which will stay with you forever. Ross and Adam took on a 20 mile race on a challenging course and enjoyed every jump which was put in front of them. Adam started fast and settled into 5th place for 3 of the 4 laps, last lap saw him slip back 2 places and finnishing in a well deserved 7th spot. The 44 year old looked like he was having a great time and certainly did himself proud. Ross who is just starting back on the race circuit paced himself well and looked comfortable on the course. he is building some good fitness, but the last lap started to hurt as he held on well to take 13th place.


 Everyone can enjoy mountain biking, you do not have to race but you sure will have fun. We stock a range of bikes from Specializd, cannondale, Cude, Orange and Intense. You can pop in all call us and talk through the options of a hardtail or full suspension bike, disc brakes are awesome and offer fantastic braking and pretty standard on most of our bikes. 

Prices start from £300 and go through to £9,000. A very popular starting bike is the 2017 Specialized Pitch which comes with an alloy frame, lock-out forks and rides really great on the trails. New on the scene is the fattie tyre which is slightly wider offering great traction in all conditions. The Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie is an awesome machine which is a full suspension model and comes complete with a big smile [smiling is essential when mountain biking]. Cannondale bikes also offer a complete range to suit all riding styles and budget. New for 2017 is the Cannondale Cujo range which is a hardtail bike with the wider Fattie tyre, prices start from £749.99 and capable of giving an outstanding ride wherever you take it. If you are looking at doing some mountain bike racing it would be worth checking out our short travel bikes like the 2017 Cannondale Scalpel range. XC courses are getting more technical so a short travel bike gives you more control while still providing a really fast ride.