Primera-TeamJobs rider and founder of BikeStrong coaching Mike Bradbury gets his season underway at Odd Down with podium performances. Mike is passionate about helping people reach their full potential in their sport through BikestrongUK Coaching......


It's been an amazing start to 2017 for the BikestrongUK community including a series win, a national medal and various podiums. All this and its only early February!

We will let Mike introduce himself....



My name is Michael Bradbury, founder of BikestrongUK. My background is in triathlon where I was lucky enough to get selected and race for Team GB at the World Championships and Europeans in 2014 and 2015. I have been involved with training athletes within sport for over 8 years which includes working as a personal trainer to coaching and mentoring in various endurance sports. My motivation has been classed as ‘Infectious!’ by the athletes I've worked with so far!

Bikestronguk was founded in 2016 but has been on the horizon since early 2012. Bikestronguk is based in the south of the UK in and around Wiltshire and Bournemouth area, however we have athlete’s being coached nationwide.

Bikestronguk's performance model is based on reputation and has become so strong that we now offer a strict *Money Back Guarantee* to those starting with us!

We use the Training Peaks platform to guide all athletes to success. This powerful online tool allows us to analyse rider data upon completion of training daily. Our coaches are contactable via phone, email, facebook or skype to suit the athlete’s needs and we pride ourselves upon our communication with athletes.

All sessions are worked around your work, lifestyle and family commitments. The sessions provided are specific and individualised to cater for the goals and needs of the athlete for optimum results.

We have had a tremendous start to the season so far! Our results so far include;

Calshot series track win overall (Alexandra Diem)
National silver medal team pursuit (TJ Key)
12th at the national omnium elimination race (TJ Key)
1st at odd down crit (Rob Abraham)
Various podiums at odd down crits (Michael Bradbury)
Various top 10 results at odd down in all races (Pippa Tanner) (Chris britten) (Michael bradbury) (Rob Abraham) is our website and bikestronguk1/ is our fb page, twitter is @bikestronguk


If you are considering a coaching plan-get in touch with Mike at