Power meters, everyone is going on about how they are the best way to train right? So we thought we would put together a little guide for you so it's not the minefield that it may seem when making your decision.

The different types of power meter often become our biggest question what do they offer? dual sided, one-sided how is it measured!


If we start off with single-sided systems such as the Garmin Vector 3s pedal and the stages systems. These systems take a power reading from one side of the bike usually the left and then double it to give you your power output. The benefits of these systems are that they are usually more affordable and also easier to swap between bikes if you have multiple bikes. The downside is that they are not the most accurate of systems only taking a reading from one side, so if you have an imbalance in your legs it will not account for this and not show your true power output. That being said these are our most popular systems due to the simplicity and price point they come in at. Take a look at our top picks below.


Garmin Vector 3 dual-sided and at a price point any grassroots rider can afford it's our top pick.  

 Dual-sided systems have become more popular and also more affordable with such systems as Garmin Vector 3 pedal system and specialized new crank system. These systems give a true reading from leg to leg showing you all the data from left to right. The benefits of these are they are more accurate because you have two separate reading and also show you more data meaning you can geek out to your heart's content.


Specialized system offered in there own crank on bikes and also on Shimano Dura Ace cranksets also

The final system is still dual sided but will not give you a left and right reading. But is more accurate than just a single-sided system. This will take a reading from the spider and also the axel of the crank and give you an overall power output between your two sides. These systems include Quarq, Rotor and SRM They are reliable easy to fit on multiple bikes but may not match in with the rest of your groupset.   

width=100%  Rotors 2InPower system. This system can read information on the best location for your Q rings for the best power input a very intuitive and modular system that can future proof your power choice. 

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