The question we get asked most is probably why? why do you need a motor on a road bike! and it is simple. We all love riding fast and sometimes we don't have time to train or we have an underlying health issue or you might be slightly older and want to keep up with that local club ride. As a cyclist, we love riding bikes and if the technology is able to help more people enjoy the pure joy of riding bikes then we are 100% onboard. 



Take a look at what Pinarello have to offer below. 



Don't let the fact that this Pinarello is an E-Bike put you off. It performs just like a Pinarello with its geometry and feels inspired by the hugely popular f10.

Another amazing feature of this bike is the fact it doesn't look like an Ebike stand a few meters away and at a glance, you could fool even the most discerning of bike snobs.



It's not just Pinarello that have entered the world of E-road bikes. Bianchi has on offer the Impulso E-Road. Take a look at the specs that this bike boasts.


With the very efficient 250W motor and massive 490wh battery, this bike can reach a range of 200km! This bike could open up new and exciting rides to every rider allowing you to maybe ride further than you are able to on a standard road bike.



There is no denying that e-bikes are here to stay. and the future is looking bright for them. keep an eye out while on the road and I'm sure you will spot a few on your next spin out.

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