New Bike Time - 3 Months into my Specialized SL6 Pro Model!

 I was looking for a new road bike for 2018 and after doing lots of research for customers I found the new SL6 fit the bill for me. I had a S-Works Venge a few years back and loved it, did everything I wanted and looked great. After reading about the SL6 aero advantages, stiff but still very compliant, it ticked all the boxes for me.
 When you work in a bike shop it's very tempting to upgrade each year, but I like to keep a bike once I get attached to it. The colour is very interesting, it changes on the angle so the bike never looks the same. Specialized have got a few fantastic paint finishes for 2018 which look as if they have been custom painted.
 I wanted a rim brake bike and this range come with the direct mount system, stiffer and look extremely neat. Remember what I said about working in a bike shop and being tempted? Well fitting Cycleworks EE brakes was one upgrade I gave in on. I just love the look and build quality, a very technical brake which is powerfull and also looks phenominal. The bike came with Roval carbon 50mm wheels which I am saving for summer so I fitted a pair of Mavic Ksyrium Elites for winter and wet days. I like training to power and wanted reliability, Quarq a tried and tested system and used by other staff and team members was first choice! Love it, looks neat with S-Works carbon cranks and not missed a beat since fitted.

Okay I thought, if it's good enough for Peter Sagan it should be extremely good for me and my level of power out put. This is an honest review on ride quality and made after riding most brands on the market. It's a fast bike, pushing hard seated or out the saddle it feels very stiff round the drive area and gives great acceleration. The frame has been developed in the wind tunnel, it not quite as aero as the Vias but the figures are outstanding, all fast bikes have to get wind tunnel testing as it leaves nothing to chance.

So it's fast in a straight line, confident braking with the direct mount calipers! How about on the tight race circuits? It's faultless in all conditions and a joy to ride, as you can see I ride most days and commute daily. The bike tracks really well on twisty descents and you soon start to push your limits as it really does feel solid under you. Get out the saddle on steep climbs and it picks up straight away even with the Mavic alloys fitted. I must admit I am really looking forward to summer and getting the Roval's fitted with S-Works Turbo tyres. The Turbo tyres are another favorite of the staff and team riders as they are fast, very puncture resistant and feel great under you. I could not be any happier with my bike and after getting a bike fitting performed it's fine tuned to myself. Other contact points are made up of Enve Bars and Stem, Fizik saddle.


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