We are pleased to welcome the return of Jay Eastwood to our race team Primera-TeamJobs. 

More exciting news is that Jay has taken the role as our Specialized Brand Ambassador. We must have sold Jason his first Specialized bike some 20 plus years ago and he is still brand loyal to the big S! Twice Masters National Criterium Champion Jay has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to newer riders about training, nutrition as well as racing. The ambassador role is about community involvement in all things cycling, taking groups of all abilities out, passing on knowledge in the form of blog posts, open evenings and testing of new exciting products. He will be a regular feature writer on our website as well as video posts on all social media channels. 
At Primera we love involving cyclists in our lives with our Expo and supported rides, this is a great opportunity to help other riders who want to progress in fitness, race craft or just helping them reach a healthy place in life. Keep looking for future events which will all be free of charge! #sharethelove 

We will let Jay introduce himself..
I'm delighted to be back with with Primera and Primera Team-Jobs. Having known Bill Temple for over 25 years and been a customer for longer, the level of service, advice and products offered is second to none. The invitation of a duel role; one riding within a great team and the other supporting Specialized as Brand Ambassador is an exciting new challenge and I can't wait to get started racing, riding and writing. 
So, leading on from the latter, if anyone told me I was a creature of habit I think I would give them "the look' as like most, I like to think I'm a free spirit of mind, body and action. But, the fact of the matter is, as a once triathlete and now cyclist, I know what I like, I know what fits and I know what gets me from A to B via planet Z'ee the fastest. I am lucky enough to of raced, ridden and enjoyed many Specialized bikes over the years, only changing them for reasons of evolution or team rotation.
I love the fact that that I can get on any 56cm Specialized Road bike or Large MTB and it will fit me like my favourite pair of lounge joggers with the a small hole in the arse and rip in the left knee. From my 1999 M2 Road Bike to the latest Venge Vias, all machines of speed, performance and of course great looks that never necessarily complemented the trends of the time but created them.

The logo itself is is a stroke of genius. The 'S' on the head tube unquestionable as to what the bike is and as current at its birth as it is now. Whether you're watching a pro bike in the peleton on Eurosport or opening your shed door, the greeting of that slalomed S is one of love, reassurance and excitement. The intricacies of attention to rider detail have not just retained my loyalty but provided an empathetic understanding that Specialized really do want to give me the best possible bike they can.
So love shared, what next.. I'm still racing the smooth stuff, however the phrase 'Cross is Boss" grabbed me last winter and dabbled with the mud and technicalities of Cyclocross.. I loved it, what a sport! More of that in a later post. Moving forward I'm keen to show the brand and offer some time to those who can ride a bike but may not know the best way to pedal a climb,  dive a corner or brave a descent. Those who want to ride the trails of the South but may not have the confidence or company and help those that know nothing at all other than the fact they simply like to ride a bike with a few useful tips I've learned or been shown along the way.
I will also be testing and reviewing products within their purposed environments, inviting along some impartial company as I go. Right now it's bike box time time as I head for the Balearics with Primera Team-Jobs rider/manager Jason Gault for some sun drenched mountainous miles in Majorca. 
Ride safe and speak soon