Marks top 4 2020 E-MTB’S


With 2020 fast approaching the popularity of E-Bikes continues to grow at a rapid pace, as does the technology involved with them. 

Manufacturers are constantly striving to give us more power, more battery range, lighter bikes and an even better riding experience. 

My top 4 bikes include the Specialized turbo Levo Expert, the Merida EOneSixty range, the Cube Team Action Stereo range and the Lapirre EZesty Ultimate.


- Lapierre E-Zesty Ultimate


Lapierre has broken new ground with there ultimate using the new Fuzua motor and battery system. They have combined a full carbon fibre frame with a superb selection of parts to produce one of the lightest E-Bikes on the market. Very stylish machines from the French company that will certainly turn heads on the trail.  


- Merida EOneSixty


Again Merida has improved the EOneSixty range with carbon front triangles and the new internal Shimano battery also available with the new 12 speed Shimano groupsets offering some choice in a world dominated by Sram. Merida have launched into the new 2020 bikes with a 29" front wheel amd 27.5" rear which gives an awesome ride and increased mud clearance on the rear. 


-Cube Team Action Stereo 


The new Team Action bikes from Cube use the Bosch 625Wh internal battery with the gen 4 CX performance motor and Kiok display. These bikes come dripping with fox top tier components and the all new Shimano XT groupset. Cube retail these bikes at £5499 which is incredible value not forgetting the all carbon front triangle. Stunning looking bikes with some very cool paint finishes.  


- Specialized Expert Levo FSR


Finally, the 2020 Specialized Expert Levo oozes class with its two excellent colour schemes. This combined with there 700Wh battery and Brose motor make the Levo an instant classic. The Levo range were one of the first E-Bikes to hit our shop floor and have always been a very popular choice.  

With our workshops being extremely busy and having to prioritise our customers we, unfortunately, can only carry out warranty work on E-Bikes we have supplied. When you buy from ourselves we carry out all warranty work, bike set ups and firmware updates FOC.    

Happy E-biking