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 We specialise in fitting you with your Bike using the best technology currently available. If you are a keen Cyclist, Triathlete, Mountain biker or Duathlete then you will want to get the most out of the investment you have made in your machine and ensure you are able to ride in your optimal position.

At Primera we stock over 20 brands and carry over 1,000 bikes in our stores.

End result is it gives us and you the customer an opportunity to find a bike that fits and not sell you the wrong product. Specialized, Cannondale, Cervelo, Pinarello, Kuota and Argon18 all measure differently, so when you are choosing a brand always try and keep an open mind as another brand may fit you better than the one you had in mind.
The bike fitting process is carried out in our dedicated custom build centre, below are some images of a bike fit in progress. The bike fitting process takes into account everything from flexibility, previous injuries, the type of riding you are looking for and various other aspects to ensure the fit is perfect.
Bike-fit has been used for over 20 years and we were there at the start! It is a pleasure to see athletes and leisure riders flying along on a bike which fits them well, and you can see they are comfortable for mile after mile.
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Full Retul Fitting on 1 bike is £300

2 bikes: £350

We can fit new bikes which are purchased in store, or existing bikes which may not be living up to expectation, we will get you fitted properly.

The bike fit usually takes about 3 hours, so please allow for this when you visit.

To book a Retul bike fitting please call us now on 01202 775588

or email us

Please remember to bring your cycling kit, eg cycling shoes and shorts as this makes the fit more accurate and precise.


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See below for all the advantages of the Retul system.



How does Retul improve or complement other fitting systems?

Retül does not replace qualified fitting technicians.  Retül allows the fitter to see data that he or she could not see with a standard fitting system, giving the fitter necessary information to best serve the client and provide the most accurate fit information possible.  The fitter still has to understand the core aspects of anatomy and cycling to truly maximize the capabilities of Retul. The Retul system can be used alongside any sizing or measuring system, as well as video analysis.  However, data from the Retül system:

  • Provides measurement accuracy and repeatability, rather than using measurements subject to inaccuracy and human error.
  • Views the rider in three dimensions rather than two, giving the fitter a broader snapshot of
  • the rider's biomechanics on the bike.
  • Allows the fitter to analyze a data set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, rather than relying on a single frame of video.
  • Calculates data reports within a matter of seconds, eliminating manual post-processing, and reports can be archived for future reference.

How does Retul compare to video analysis?

  • Video analysis is two-dimensional, while motion capture is three-dimensional.  A small error is added to measurements by not including all three dimensions in the calculation process.  Small errors make big differences in bike fit. 
  • Video cameras have a narrow field of view. Retul sensors have a wide field of view.  This means that the video camera must be one to two meters further away from the rider to capture the full view of the rider. 
  • Video analysis places measurement markers on a small 2D computer screen.  Retul
  • places measurement markers on the rider's body using easy to find skeletal landmarks. 
  • Video analysis requires that you manually trace each measurement after recorded with your mouse.  Retul automatically performs all the measurements instantly with no manual work.
  • Video analysis takes measurements from one frame of video, which may or may not be a typical position of the rider.  Retul automatically averages the measurements from each pedal stroke, creating a highly refined model of the average movements of the rider.



Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I have been with the Retul bike fits on both my road and TT bikes. It's great to know that everything is set up 100% correctly for both my unique physiology and the type/distance of events I compete in. Having spent alot of money on the right bikes I think it would be madness not to invest a fraction of that cost in a Retul bike fit. The real proof though is seeing my times drop in both racing and training whilst staying injury free due to the great fit. I was impressed with the professional approach and the level of detail that went into getting the bike set up correctly, from cleat position right through to saddle and stem height/length adjustments. A must for anyone who spends upwards of £1,000 on a bike and wants to get the most out of all those hours in the saddle.
Chris Booth
GB Age Group Athlete - Long Distance
Call us now on 01202 775588 or email
Primera Retul Fitting
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