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5 Item(s)


It sit just below the five in terms of travel but it lacks none of the playfulness or ruggedness. It’s a more refined shorter travel version of the five.

Up front you will find a 130mm travel fork, being a short travel fork it means Orange can use a lighter grade of Aluminium to save some weight. Weight has been saved in other areas too, Orange really worked hard on getting this one as light and as strong as they could.

On the rear you’ll find 120mm of travel and a 148 x 12mm hub spacing on the split swing arm design.

So why the Four? Well it’s a lot lighter than the Five so you’ll have more energy for the descents after a long climb. It’s just as fun as the Five but you’ll just have to be a little more refined when hitting the rougher terrain. To sum it up it’s just a great fun short travel bike, it’s been described as a 4X bike but for the trails so this will give you an idea about how much fun this bike is.

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